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What is modern agriculture? Developed countries have great reference value for the development of modern agriculture. Beginning in the 1930s, some developed countries in the industrial economy in Europe and the United States have carried out a comprehensive transformation of traditional agriculture in terms of scientific information technology, bioengineering technology, and management personnel organization and teaching mode, completing the transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The transformation can basically realize agricultural and rural modernization. Most agriculture in the world is still dominated by traditional art forms. Traditional agriculture has problems of high labor intensity and low resource and energy utilization. What are the common planting modes of modern service facility agriculture? Let’s take greenhouse planting as an example. The application of French glass and high light transmission diffuse reflection glass in modern agricultural intelligent greenhouses. Generally speaking, greenhouse glass mainly uses single-layer or double-layer float glass, ultra-white scattering glass, etc.

Float glass does not have the ability to scatter. The light that enters the greenhouse can only directly hit the top of the plant. Due to the occlusion of the upper canopy leaf surface, the part of the middle and lower canopy basically cannot receive light. Therefore, the only part that actually produces photosynthesis is Upper crown foliage

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Ultra-white scattering glass is a kind of transparent low iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transparent glass. Ultra-white glass is currently widely used in photovoltaic power generation. At the same time, as technology advances, the surface of the glass is coated with anti-reflection coatings with different properties, which can not only reflect back some specific band spectra, but also have a self-cleaning function. Scattering glass can scatter the sunlight entering the greenhouse in all directions, effectively increase the illumination of the leaf surface of the lower canopy of the plant, improve the photosynthesis rate of the whole plant, and at the same time prevent roots from mildew and other problems; the sunlight is evenly scattered After that, the heat radiation intensity of the sun becomes lower, and the temperature of the leaf surface of the plant is relatively mild, which can effectively avoid the problems of burns, withering and withering and reflecting photosynthesis. Authoritative organization experiments show that, under the same conditions (light, temperature, humidity, etc.), the temperature of the upper canopy leaf surface of the diffuse glass greenhouse is 3-5°C lower than that of the float glass greenhouse.

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