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Modern intelligent agricultural glass greenhouses are the longest service life of facility agricultural greenhouses, but the most important thing to be solved in the planting and use of glass greenhouses is the humidity control problem. How to effectively control the humidity reduction in the greenhouses The occurrence of pests and diseases is the most important issue. So there are several dehumidification solutions for glass greenhouses, and I will share them with you today.

I. Clever use of top-opening windows for regular ventilation

The top of the glass greenhouse will be installed with staggered natural vents. The vents are set at the highest point on the side but on the pointed top. The size of the top glass ventilation window is 2 meters by 1 meter, and the top sun panel ventilation window The size is four meters by one meter. If the glass greenhouse is airtight for a long time, the humidity in the shed will naturally increase, so proper ventilation at the right time is a good way to reduce humidity.

It is worth noting that the ventilation should be carried out at noon or before and after the middle, because at this time the indoor temperature has already accumulated and climbed and is already significantly higher than the outdoor temperature. Otherwise it will cause the indoor temperature to drop. Especially in winter and spring when the indoor temperature drops below the reasonable growth temperature of plants, the air outlets should be closed in time. Guangyuan Greenhouse works well.

Two, increase the amount of light transmission

We can increase the light in the greenhouse by opening the external and internal shading system of the glass greenhouse. Increasing the amount of light transmission can increase the room temperature, and normal ventilation can be performed only after the room temperature rises.

Three, heating up and dehumidifying

Using this method can not only meet the temperature needs of vegetables, but also reduce the relative humidity of the air. When the plants grow to resistance, water and close the shed to heat up to 30 ℃ for about one hour, and then ventilate to remove moisture. After 3 or 4 hours, the shed can be repeated once the humidity is below 25 ℃.

Four. Reasonable watering to reduce humidity sources

Water is the main factor leading to the increase of indoor humidity, so how to water has become an important measure to control humidity. For winter and spring production, ditch watering on sunny days or branch watering can be selected, and under-film dark irrigation can be used for mulching. Watering should strictly control the amount of watering to prevent excessive indoor humidity. Properly release the air after each watering and timely hoeing to loosen the soil can reduce the soil moisture and the air humidity.

Five. Plastic film coverage

The use of mulching film can reduce the evaporation of soil moisture and is an important measure to reduce indoor air humidity. For example, in the sunlight constant temperature and humidity glass greenhouse, the large and small ridges are alternately spaced and the greenhouse is widely used, and the mulching film covers the double ridges. When watering, the water flows in the small ridges under the mulching film. The mulching film prevents the evaporation of water, which also prevents the air humidity in the shed from greatly increasing after watering.

Six. Choose the right insulation screen material

Insulation curtain materials with good moisture permeability and moisture absorption, such as non-woven fabrics, can prevent condensation on the inner surface and prevent dew from falling on the plants, thereby reducing air humidity.

As a greenhouse with the highest price and the most advanced technology, glass greenhouses need to be combined with our planting crops for reasonable use in daily use to give full play to the greatest advantages.

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