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Special pigments in chloroplasts of plant cells absorb the energy of certain wavelengths of light, causing a molecular chain reaction known as the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis. The best wavelengths of visible light for photosynthesis fall within the blue range and red range.

Red light and blue light are the two most important light sources to promote photosynthesis of plants, therefore the transmittance of glass to red and blue light is particularly important for crop yield.

blue and red light absorption

As shown in the picture above, the bottom is the data of the detection of our diffuse glass in the absorption of blue spectrum and red spectrum that is significant for photosynthesis. After detection,our diffuse greenhouse glass has an average transmission rate of at least 97.5% for blue spectrum and an average transmission rate of at least 98% for red spectrum.

Yuhua diffuse glass also have higher light transmittance. The tempered diffuse glass has 91.5%-92%. And our AR etching technology can enhance the light transmittance of diffuse glass with anti-reflective etching coating to at least 97.5%.

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