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Nowadays,with the spread of large scale growing in agriculture and horticultural, more and more growers choose commercial greenhouse growing to improve their yield.

There are many types of commercial greenhouse according to their covering materials,such as plastic commercial greenhouse,polycarbonate commercial greenhouse and glass commercial greenhouse.In many developed farming countries,they usually adopt the glass greenhouse farming,such as,Netherlands, Japan, Israel, USA, Canada,etc. Due to climatic reasons, some Nordic countries also choose glass greenhouses.Because glass greenhouse can improve the light transmittance and keep warm better to improve yield.

When caring the cost to build a commercial greenhouse, we should take the yield into account,too.

Both normal float glass and diffuse glass in different patterns manufactured by Yuhua can used for commercial glass greenhouse.The light transmittance of normal float glass is about 87%-89%,Yuhua normal diffuse glass can improve the light transmittance to 91.5%-92%.Now our anti-reflective technology can produce a kind of diffuse anti-reflective glass that can improve the light transmittance to at least 97.5% at haze 5/10/20/30/50/70/75.

As the research,once add 1% light transmittance into the greenhouse, it will increase 1% yield. And if the haze increase 10 index, the yield can increase 1.5%, that is why our most customers consider our diffuse anti-reflective glass when build their commercial greenhouse.

Know more about our glass or the whole solution for your commercial greenhouse,please consult online service or leave message to us.

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