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A glass greenhouse refers to a greenhouse with glass as a covering material, which can be an all-glass greenhouse, or a greenhouse with glass on the top or around it. For details, follow the domestic professional construction company to take you to learn more about the glass greenhouse!

The glass greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that connects the single arches through the gutter. The purpose is to improve the overall space effect of the greenhouse and the large-scale use of space, so that the overall internal environment of the greenhouse is more stable and less susceptible to external parts. Microclimate influence. The development of glass greenhouse environment construction is based on glass as the main light-transmitting greenhouse covering different materials. It usually needs to be divided into single-layer glass greenhouse economic construction and double-layer glass greenhouse system construction.

The construction of glass greenhouses is mostly carried out in the form of spires, mainly in the Venlo style and the large spire style. The light transmittance of single-layer float glass is greater than 90%, the light transmittance of double-layer insulating glass is greater than 80%, and the light transmittance of double-layer insulating glass is stable (the light transmittance will not decrease over time). Water vapor, good aging resistance, good anti-condensation, fast temperature rise, good overall air permeability, beautiful appearance, long service life, large operating space, good display effect, for low light, geothermal energy and power plant waste heat, glass greenhouse It is a better choice.

1. The main composition of multi-span greenhouses Multi-span greenhouses include glass greenhouses, solar panel greenhouses and film greenhouses. Today we are introducing multi-span glass greenhouses. The multi-span glass greenhouse is composed of civil foundation, main body hot-dip galvanized steel frame material, external shading skeleton material, surrounding glass and aluminum profile, top cover glass and aluminum profile, external shading system, internal shading system, internal insulation system, top Electric window opening system, fan water curtain cooling system.

2. Installation method of glass on the top of multi-span greenhouse. Top cover glass 1. The top cover glass is laminated or hollow glass, which is rarely used in agricultural planting (affecting light transmittance), and the iron skeleton is mainly used as the load-bearing structure , Outside the iron frame, use aluminum alloy three-piece to fix the glass. 2. The second type is to use aluminum alloy herringbone beams as the top load-bearing structural material. There are grooves on the sides of the aluminum alloy herringbone beams, and the glass can be directly inserted into the grooves for fixing. This is currently the most widely used installation method for top herringbone beams in the industry. The advantages of aluminum alloy herringbone beams are light weight, good sealing and long service life.

3. The cost of all-glass multi-span greenhouses The cost of glass greenhouses is higher than that of ordinary greenhouses, mainly because the covering materials, aluminum profiles and labor costs used in glass greenhouses are higher. The glass greenhouse has beautiful appearance and good light transmission effect. It is suitable for ecological restaurants, leisure sightseeing and soilless cultivation of flowers. If you refer to the price of smart glass greenhouses in Central China, the reference price of foundation civil works is 30-45 yuan/square meter, the skeleton part is 80-90 yuan/square meter, the external shading system is 12 yuan/square meter, and the internal shading system 13 RMB/m², top opening window system 12 RMB/m², fan water curtain cooling system 10 RMB/m², top cover and aluminum profile 75 RMB/m², surrounding covering materials are equivalent to the projected area The unit price is RMB 30/sq.m. The auxiliary materials for the doors and windows of the power distribution system are RMB 10/sq.m. The installation fee is approximately RMB 50/sq.m. The freight is temporarily RMB 5/sq.m. The cost of greenhouse construction is between 330-350 yuan per square meter.

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