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Yuhua has cooperated with Havecon, Van Der Hoeven, KUBO, BOM, Prins, Gakon, Certhon, Bosman and Pomas etc. large greenhouse project company for many years in agricultural and horticultural glass greenhouses.We have supplied tempered diffuse and anti-reflective glass for many projects in Canada, Netherlands,Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Australia, USA, England, Russia,etc.
In domestic market, we supplied greenhouse glass for many government project, large construction project and design company, such as Evergrande High-Tech Agricultural Group,Lanzhou New District, Jingpeng Company,Haisheng,etc.
Followings are some of the greenhouse project in lately 3 years:

2019 Wuhan Smart Agricultural Park China 340000 Diffuse&AR
2019 Modern Agricultural Park of LanZhou New District China 40000 Diffuse
2017 Boem Berry Canada 54576 Diffuse
2016 Klassen Farms&Hacienda Farms Canada 151540 Diffuse
2016 Pomas Canada 170140 Diffuse
2016 platinum produceⅡ Canada 86132 Diffuse&AR
2016 Cornelisse Canada 48837 Diffuse&AR
2017 Pure Flavor USA 102349 Diffuse
2016 KilbournProduce USA 86214 Diffuse&AR
2016 Nature Fresh Farms USA 60703 Diffuse
2016 Toigo Organic Farms USA 55005 Diffuse
2016 Blue Ridge Greenhouse Inc USA 175724 Diffuse&AR
2016 Bayer Crop Science USA 82153 Diffuse
2016 Golden Fresh USA 82873 Diffuse
2016 Magnit Russia 50000 Diffuse&AR
2017 Greenhouse KZ Kazakhstan 50000 Diffuse Glass
2017 Linflowers Zuilichen BV Netherlands 84700 Diffuse&AR
2017 GreencoWieringermeer Netherlands 107800 Diffuse&AR
2015 H.M.Tesselaar Netherlands 85600 Diffuse&AR
2017 Agrocare II Netherlands 107314 Diffuse&AR
2016 Looije TomatenRijsenhout Netherlands 96800 Diffuse&AR
2017 Combivliet Netherlands 140406 Diffuse&AR
2017 Royal Pride Netherlands 83359 Diffuse&AR
2017 Combivliet Netherlands 135247 Diffuse&AR
2017 Hoogweg Marknesse BV Netherlands 109734 Diffuse&AR
2016 Van Adrichem Kwekerijen BV Netherlands 118477 Diffuse&AR
2017 Atlantic grower Portugal 73692 Diffuse&AR

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Yuxin Ultra-Clear Glass Technology Co., Ltd
Yuxin Ultra-Clear Glass Technology Co., Ltd

Yuxin Ultra-Clear Glass Technology Co., Ltd which is a professional manufacturer in horticultural greenhouse glass R&D in China, specializes in greenhouse glass sales, wholesale and retail, import and export of goods, import and export technology. Our factory is located in Boai, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, which covers the whole process of the glass manufacturing from Glass manufacturing, tempering to AR coating, with a daily production capacity of 20,000 square meters.

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