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For some large commercial greenhouse,growers usually choose three types of materials to build a greenhouse,plastic ,polycarbonate and glass.

In some developing countries and regions,growers tend to choose plastic greenhouse. But for plastic greenhouse, the light transmittance is about 60% to 70%, it is usually used for homemade or small scale farming.

For polycarbonate,it is a similar material to plastic. It is a mix of glass fibers and impact resistant, temperature resistant thermoplastic. The light transmittance for polycarbonate greenhouse is about 83%.It is more popular than plastic greenhouse, but the polycarbonate is easy to ageing due to the long time rain and sunshine.

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For glass greenhouse, it is normal in developed countries. The light transmittance is over 90%, which is higher than plastic and polycarbonate. The glass used for greenhouse is also divided into several types.

Yuhua manufactures two kinds of glasses for greenhouse, tempered diffuse glass and anti-reflective diffuse glass.The light transmittance of tempered diffuse glass is over 91.5% and the light transmittance of anti-reflective diffuse glass is over 97.5%.


As we all know more light means more yield.One percent of light transmittance improvement can improve one percent harvest.That is why we introduce you to build a glass greenhouse.

To get a perfect solution of glass greenhouse or know more about the advantages of glass greenhouse,please consult online customer service, send us an email or leave us a message. We are professional!

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