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Soilless culture has the characteristics of saving fertilizer and water, saving labor and labor, resisting diseases and insects, high yield and high efficiency, and environmental protection. It is a new technology developed in recent decades. Soilless cultivation in modern agricultural greenhouses is becoming more and more popular. Choose a variety of cultivation modes and display the vegetables, which reflects the diversification of modern vegetable cultivation modes and shows the science and education of modern agriculture. Let us understand the advantages of soilless culture in greenhouses.

Get rid of the shackles of the land and save space

Soilless culture management technology bids farewell to the limitations of soil, allowing us to grow Chinese plants anywhere. In addition, it also provides more learning space for the growth and development of plants through aerial methods.

High yield and good quality

By artificially regulating the nutrients, water, light and temperature required by plants, the optimal growth environment for plant growth and development is ensured, and the growth potential of plants is improved.

Prevent diseases and soil cultivation obstacles

Continuous farming in traditional soil farming will cause soil fertility to decline. The cure is to improve the soil through large-area rotation farming, which will lead to the spread of soil diseases during the rotation.

Save water, fertilizer, clean

Soilless culture technology eliminates important links such as composting in traditional cultivation methods, and provides nutrients that are prepared nutrient solutions, which can be recycled, which improves the utilization rate. At the same time, the water loss caused by soil infiltration in traditional soil farming is very serious. Soilless culture technology successfully solved this problem, and the water-saving effect was very obvious.

Promote the modernization and automation of agriculture, save labor and effort, and facilitate enterprise management

The development of soilless cultivation technology allows crop cultivation to be produced and managed according to people’s wishes, and at the same time, it eliminates the tasks of plowing, raking, and weeding, saving a lot of manpower and facilitating management.

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