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Both glass greenhouse and glass conservatory are associated with a glass enclosed room that is warm and more suitable for plants to grow. There are some similarities and differences between these two.

Similarities between glass greenhouse and glass conservatory:

Both glass greenhouse and glass conservatory are glass structures.

Both of them can provide an ideal location for plants to grow.

Differences between a glass greenhouse and a glass conservatory:

A glass conservatory is mainly used as a living space but still integrates plants into its design, while the greenhouse is usually built economically and use some automatic conveniences.The glass conservatory inner decoration includes conservatory furniture and accessories.Greenhouses are an ideal place to grow out-of-season fruits and vegetables in cold weather and crafted to meet climatic and environmental needs.

lettuce greenhouse

For some large commercial use glass greenhouse, the light transmittance and the diffusion of the light may affect on the yield of the plants. For higher yield, please consider Yuhua high diffuse anti-reflective etching greenhouse glass.

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