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We all know that, plants need light to grow.In greenhouse horticulture there is a golden rule: 1 percent more light ensures 1 percent more yield.So,in 19th century,Dutch,Canada,Japan and some developed countries began to adopt glass greenhouse for their agricultural farming due to the higher light transmittance of glass than plastics.

For the same thickness and materials for the glass, why people tend to choose diffused glass?What is the benefits of diffused glass for glass greenhouse farming?

Diffused glass spreads the incoming sunlight. The light rays are then bent in different directions. The degree of spread is called ‘haze’. Glass with a high haze factor ensures higher production, was the conclusion of a few experiments a few years ago: 10 percent more diffuse light means 1.5 percent more production, according to the statics of Wageningen University.

At the same time,the incoming sunlight is diffused evenly to every direction.It may decrease the temperature of the leaves surface of the plants.The phenomenon that the leaf will burned or get hurt won’t appear.

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